Woman With Skin Cancer Given New Nose Using Flesh From Her Scalp

By : Jamie Roberts |


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A woman suffering from skin cancer on her face has been given a new nose made from flesh from her scalp.

After Bree Towner was diagnosed earlier this year, he 28-year-old from Illinois underwent various surgeries, including one that shaved the end of her nose off, leaving her with scars that she said left her on the brink of suicide, the Daily Mail reports.

The trainee teacher has now been given the all-clear by doctors, after going under the knife three times.

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And now she’s been given a new nose, with flesh taken from her scalp.

Ms Towner told the Mail:

The most difficult aspect is the damage done to my self-esteem. I had dealt with minor bouts of self-esteem issues, depression, and anxiety before my diagnosis from just the stress of life.

But after surgery I was suicidal. I never attempted it, but the thoughts were there daily between February and July.

Throughout the process, while being in public, I’ve seen many people staring out of either rudeness or curiosity, which was a major part of the mental health issues.

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She’s now on the road to recovery.


Daily Mail