You Could Be A Psychopath If You Work In Any Of These Jobs

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It can be hard to spot a psychopath at the best of times…

Not just because many people who have psychopathic traits don’t have a personality disorder. They are antisocial people, but just because you are anti-social doesn’t necessarily mean you are a psychopath. Confused? I don’t blame you.

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But apparently you’re more likely to encounter a proper psychopath in some workplaces than others, and a list has been compiled by Statista which rates the 10 jobs where you’re more likely to meet a psychopath.

The list was based on studies using the Hare psychopath checklist. They are categorised as having a lack of remorse for destructive acts, as well as being unable to feel empathy. They can also be impulsive, manipulative and sexually promiscuous.

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More recent studies by Scott Lilienfeld also show that psychopaths display fearless dominance over other people, like the kind of assertiveness you’d see in courtrooms or operating theatres.

It’s fair to say there are a few familiar jobs on list, but is your job one of them?

10. Civil Servant

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9. Chef

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8. Clergyperson

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7. Police Officer

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6. Journalist

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5. Surgeon

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4. Sales Person

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3. TV Personality

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2. Lawyer


1. CEO

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I was two of these, so I’m basically fucked…


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