Guy Pops Huge Pimple All Over His Mates By Mistake

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As somewhat of a connoisseur of the acne back in the day, naturally I’m pretty good when it comes to watching pimple porn – quite a lot of it was merely a reality for the 13-year-old me just a matter of years ago. 


Whether it’s a boil, sebaceous cyst, ingrown hair, or just a big ol’ spot – the countless clips of pus oozing out of every orifice on the human body just don’t seem to make me grimace.

However this video is rather different – as this time it isn’t the explosion that’s most sickening, but the immediate aftermath, reports Elite Daily.

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Now don’t get me wrong. This is a big spot, and judging from my expertise, it looks pretty painful too but the execution of the pimple pop is not the problem.

Bare with me, I’ll set the scene.

The clip begins as a few friends stand around a half naked guy with an astronomically hairy back who bends over a sink like an infected hunchback.


The spot can be seen instantly. A red and prominent lump situated just below a mound of hair. But what must be done about it? Well as our wounded, and definitely medically qualified, hero puts it: ‘You gotta get your finger in there and wriggle it around and shit’.

wth Guy Pops Huge Pimple All Over His Mates By Mistake

To make a long story short, that’s exactly what one of the guys does and boy does it work as a hot jet of brownish and gloopy pus shoots out quicker than the ejaculate of a blue balled widow.

But that’s not the worst part, because where does that gloopy pus go? Directly into the face of the guy who’s filming the whole thing. It also drenches his phone.


pui Guy Pops Huge Pimple All Over His Mates By Mistake

Poor motherfucker. And I thought my day was bad.


Elite Daily