Adult Actress Accepts Uni Student’s Invite To Parents’ Weekend Formal Dinner

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Adult Actress Accepts Uni Students Invite To Parents Weekend Formal Dinner cherry1@cherrymorganxx/Twitter

This lad has just managed to pull off something pretty ‘out there’.

Patrick Goswitz is a student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and when his fraternity told members to bring dates to their parents weekend formal he decided to ask adult film star Cherry Morgan.

Probably to his surprise, not to mention his frat brothers in Sigma Chi, Morgan accepted the invite and actually turned up too.

What’s more, Morgan looked as though she had a genuinely good time.

If you were hoping for reports of an awkward intro to mom and dad then you’ll sadly be left disappointed.

As reported by Total Frat Move Patrick’s parents were not in attendance, begging the question would he have had the balls to invite Morgan if they’d popped along?

Someone looks pleased with himself…

Pat clearly is a charmer, managing to convince Morgan to be his date.

Credit to her for being such a good sport as well – although she may have just opened a can of worms with her other fans…


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