After Parading Around On His Car Mr Bean Gets Photoshopped

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UNILAD bean car7

To celebrate his 25th anniversary Mr. Bean Drove around London perched atop his mini. He and Teddy had a marvellously peaceful day cruising around town and visiting famous landmarks. 

However, thanks to Photoshop Battles on reddit Mr. Bean now appears to have had a high octane, adrenaline fuelled, action packed weekend.

I’d like to see the below images scripted for the next Crank movie. Bean and Statham. It’s time.

UNILAD bean chitty chitty bean bang7 640x426

Chitty Chitty Bean Bang.

UNILAD bean hur5

Bean Hur.

UNILAD bean mad max8 640x426

Bean roars down Fury Road.

UNILAD bean max plus animals3 640x426

Bean roars down Fury Road Take 2.

UNILAD Bean mario kart4 640x426

Bean Kart 64.

UNILAD bean murica7 640x426

Bean ‘Murica.

UNILAD bean racing7 640x426

Bean Daytona. He’s doing well.

UNILAD bean times square2 640x426

Some photoshop wizards took a realism approach. Bean in Times Square.

UNILAD Bean trek7 640x426

Bean Trek with J.J Abrams lens flare.

UNILAD bean and keanu4 640x426

Bean and Keanu on Dolphins…

UNILAD bean wall street7 640x426

Bean of Wall Street.

UNILAD bean wrecking correct size7 640x426

He came in like a wrecking Bean.


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