Apparently These Tinder Photos Are Guaranteed To Get Guys Interested

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Apparently These Tinder Photos Are Guaranteed To Get Guys Interested tinder fbFlickr

With an estimated 50 million eligible men and women using Tinder – and research revealing that two in five of us find love on the dating app – how can you make sure you’re getting a right swipe?

Well, according to experts, it’s all in what you wear.

Apparently getting swipped right is all down to even selecting the right colour or material of clothing. Sound shallow? It is. But if you’re on Tinder, you’re probably not there to find a lasting relationship in the first place.

Calling on relationship experts and Want Her Wardrobe founder Lydia Jones, there are four pictures that every woman on Tinder needs to ensure she gets a match, according to the Daily Mail.

Kate Taylor,’s relationship expert, says you should wear what you’d wear on a date in your first profile picture: “You need people to imagine seeing you in person. So a dress or a glamorous top will work wonders. Something flattering and dressy is the key here.”

Basically, your first profile picture is meant for catching attention. Marie Cosnard, Head of Trends at Happn, says the women who land the most dates are the ones who keep it simple – and the ones who wear tight cocktail dresses (can’t imagine why).

In your second photo, Kate Taylor says do the complete opposite and go casual: “So, if you’re sporty, show a picture of you in sportswear. If you’re a budding artist, a photo of you wearing casual paint-splattered clothes while painting a picture would be perfect.” Paint-splattered clothes sounds a bit forced if you ask me, but apparently it works.

There’s even statistics to this: wearing black will increase your profile visits up 19 per cent. Who knew?

Picture three? Bikinis.

Lucy Jones, relationship expert and Community Manager at, says having one summer picture helps boost your credentials online. Jones suggests a flowy dress will make you more approachable – and while that may work – we’d assume a flesh-baring bikini photo is what will really bring guys to a woman’s Tinder account.

The fourth and final picture is meant to show off your athletic side, according to experts. Don’t work out? Pretend you do.

Research to launch the HTC Desire 530 found that men voted women wearing gym gear as the most attractive and also hailed taking selfies and wearing skinny jeans as a turn on, the Daily Mail reports.

Really want to make sure you don’t turn off the opposite sex? Steer clear of onesies and Ugg boots, which were ranked the worst looks, apparently.