Beard Baubles Are The Latest Fashion Accessory For Hipsters This Christmas

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Thanks to hipsters, beard baubles are now a thing. What a strange time that we live in.

What started out as a Christmas card idea for an advertising agency to send its clients has become a worldwide sensation, or an abomination, depending on your perspective.

Grey London made the beard baubles for a model to wear whilst posing for a Christmas card photo.

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But now people from America, Australia and here in the UK are placing orders to get some for themselves. You get 14 baubles per pack, ten large balls and four small and it will only put you back £5.

Just imagine trying to explain to your kids that people attached baubles to their beards for the sake of hipster fashion. Or worse, that you wore baubles on your beard. I thought 80’s fashion was bad but I think we’ve hit a new low.

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