Blogger Receives Unsolicited Nudes From Stranger, Teaches Him Valuable Lesson

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A Florida blogger gave someone a taste of their own medicine after they sent unsolicited nude photos of her through Snapchat.

Blogger Kitty Pryde was victim to an iCloud hacking which saw her own intimate photos posted online without her permission. Considering Kitty has 32,000 followers on Twitter, you can imagine the number of strangers that got hold of her photos.

One of them even decided to get in touch with her.

The stranger – whose name is Geoffrey – started a Snapchat conversation with Kitty by sending her the nude photos he found of her. Kitty went on to inform him that the photos were actually illegally stolen and posted without her permission, but he didn’t seem to care.

So, Kitty decided to give the guy a taste of his own medicine. She asked him to send nudes of himself, and after he did, she made sure to let him know how it felt to be put in a vulnerable position.

She not only proceeded to insult his manhood, but she hunted him down and found his Twitter, Facebook and mobile number.

She sent him this:

Way to go, Kitty.

After threatening to post his nudes online, Geoffrey realized he’d made a major mistake and was quick to apologize and beg her not to post them.

Doesn’t feel nice, does it Geoffrey?

It doesn’t look as though Kitty actually posted his pictures online, but it was definitely a lesson well taught.