Blogger Reveals The Truth Behind Her Perfect Instagram Pictures

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Blogger Reveals The Truth Behind Her Perfect Instagram Pictures 3469UNILAD imageoptim Brooke Seward1Instagram

It seems we’ve all come down with a case of the Wanderlusts of late.

For a lot of us masochistic types, there’s nothing we like to do more than scroll through sumptuous pictures of beautiful people travelling to far-flung destinations while we intermittently gaze out of our windows at the dreary, grey scenes of British mid-Winter.

Enter 25-year-old Brooke Saward, who founded the hugely successful travel blog, World of Wanderlust.

Tea plantations & Strawberry fields… must be the Cameron Highlands! ???? #Malaysia #ytlhotels

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Brooke has travelled the world, collecting stories, memories and beautiful photographs to document her journey.

Ice cream solves everything though. If you agree we can be best friends. Forever.??????

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Home for the holidays ??✨ my little island home #Tasmania, Australia!

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But the pictures, which Brooke posts on her highly curated Instagram feed don’t tell the whole story, the blogger has now revealed.

Peace out NYC ?✌?️ off to Los Angeles for the craziest set of meetings // I also have a big announcement sooooon!?

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Caught in a Moroccan dream ??✨ today on the blog!

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Brooke told Daily Mail Australia:

I started travelling by myself at age 20 and there have been many challenges I’ve faced along the way.
The biggest thing I took away from the whole experience was learning how to control my emotions.

Brooke has visited over 50 countries, often travelling alone and although the 25-year old’s Instagram looks pristine on the surface, it hasn’t always been plain sailing.

Feels like home ❤️ #Europe

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Brooke explained:

You have to be careful when you’re travelling by yourself as a young girl – I’d never go out alone late at night, for instance. The most vulnerable I’ve ever felt travelling was when I was in La Paz and I had an attempted mugging. I’d been warned not to get my bag or my camera out, but still someone tried to take my handbag from me.

At this point, then 20-year-old Brooke has been travelling alone for seven months and ‘felt invincible’.

She claims the incident bought her back down to earth.

On her travels, Brooke has faced many obstacles.

In South Africa, the 25-year-old fell ill with what she believed to be Ebola.

Fave time of year to take some time to yourself, wander & stay a while… ???

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She said:

I hadn’t taken my malaria tablets and totally convinced myself I had malaria or Ebola.
I literally stayed in my hotel room for seven days ordering room service. Eventually, I got on my flight to Arizona and landed drenched in sweat. By the time I got to the hospital, and racked up a $10,000 hospital bill (luckily, I had travel insurance!), I found out it was just a kidney infection. That was a lucky escape.

Despite attempted muggings and Ebola scares, Brooke still counts herself very lucky to have the opportunity to see the world; a pastime which no doubt racks up great expense.

She said:

Before I went travelling, I was a bit of a princess, and I freaked out when things didn’t go to plan.
But you have to learn to deal with things.

Tourista in Milano! Today on the blog – my guide to Milan ☺️✨?

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She recounts a story – that, honestly, sounds a bit of a breeze – when she ran into accommodation troubles in Bolivia.

She said:

One time I was thrown out of my accommodation in Bolivia as they’d overbooked for a big group, and there was hardly anywhere left to stay in the town.
I ended up staying somewhere pretty dirty, where the sheets hadn’t been washed and things like that.

The simplest pleasures are often those that bring the most pleasure. ?? @norfolk.island

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When a hotel looks after you better than you look after yourself! ?☕️?? @mo_landmarkhk #lifewelltravelled

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According to Brooke, the experience taught her to be grateful for the roof over her head.

She elaborated, ‘Before I went travelling, I wouldn’t have done it, but going travelling teaches you to be grateful for having a roof over your head.’

Hopeful that if I close my eyes real hard and use all three wishes, the 1920's will return to Paris…? #wowtravels

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Brooke’s best advice to travellers is to get travel insurance – which seems like a pretty obvious first move when you’re planning a trip.

She also said:

Over budget and plan as much as possible. I’m going to New Zealand next July with my boyfriend, and we’re already planning and budgeting so we have an idea of what we’re going to spend. Also, embrace Skype, which has been life-changing for staying in touch with my family and loved ones. I love researching my destinations and acquainting myself with local maps – it helps to have orientation as soon as you arrive.

Travel far enough, you meet yourself. – Cloud Atlas ?✨

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Brooke’s wanderlaust has taken her all over the world, from Peru to Paris and Italy to the Amazon rainforest.

How's that for a view! ??? in search of the best room view in Paris and I might have just found it at @plaza_athenee #Paris

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Her blog documents every tiny detail of her trips, from what she eats to what she wears while eating it.

Brooke spends her time exploring new places and sampling the delights on offer, from cultural pusuits to outdoor activities.

Ciao Milano! ??

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Captain of this ship ?⚓️ @tajmaldives @visitmaldives #wowtravels

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As much as her advice isn’t anything you can’t read on Lonely Planet, Brooke certainly has a beautiful brand on which to base her career.

Ciao Capri! ? this dress on sale now – nearly sold out! Link on Facebook & Twitter x

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She’s savouring her experiences in every country and paying the wonderful diversity of our world due dilligence, as she still wants to be travelling and seeing new places when she’s eighty.

Arrived in the Amalfi Coast… First order of business ?? Kinder Bueno + Mars gelato! #Italy #wowtravels

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While things are not always as they seem online, I think I’d still like to walk a few miles around the world in Brooke’s shoes.