British Model And Actress Ditches Breast Implants To Become Nun

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Be you!!!!! Whatever it is you are today and you want be something else can!! I am an actress a singer, a sacred woman, a cook, a celebrity, a star in the sky, a dog walker, a tree hugger, ..I have been a drunk, a party animal, a factory worker, a bullied child, a popular woman, been under threat of death, a wife, a girlfriend…who knows what else I have been or what else I can be or will become..never be afraid to be what you want when you want. There comes a point in your life when you CHOOSE what your life is, rather than being told by your upbringing, society, school, media. THERE ARE NO RULES TO LIFE. you were just given them and you followed like a sheep. Don’t be a a LION! Have a stunning life! Gaia Mother Sofia

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A British actress and model, known for her roles in Footballers’ Wives and Waterloo Road, has had her breast implants removed and left her celebrity lifestyle behind to become a nun. 

According to the Daily Mail, Sofia Hayat changed her ways back in April, committing herself to a life of celibacy and it has now been revealed that she spends her time meditating for at least five hours a day and ‘healing people’.

Binning her designer clothes and make-up, the 41-year-old model claims she has found her true calling in life as the reincarnation of an Egyptian goddess.

The time has come when you will know the truth. The trinity are here. The father son and holy spirit. The holy spirit is the mother and daughter who is me. I am the Divine Sofia of the Nag Hammadi texts. I am here to bring peace and love..truth and faith with my son Christ who is here and our father Osiris. We have returned to bring Unity back. Ayahuasca. The truths of your past will come up from the ground and you will know the history books lied to you. Atlantis is rising..we the Sumerian Gods are here. The time you have been waiting for is here. The new earth. Not the New World Order. I have removed the Archons from earth. There will be no more death for you are eternal. The New age of peace and Unity is here. Our return is prophesized. The wait is over. Soon you will know your own divinity as you know mine. I love you all so much and your awakening is imminent. Blessings. Gaia Mother Sofia

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Sofia was famous throughout the majority of her career for her provocative outfits and party girl status – however, now things have taken a drastic turn.

The London girl was brought up as a Muslim but quickly rebelled against her faith before experimenting with Catholicism and Hinduism.

And after an enlightening trip to Yorkshire where Sofia took the Native Indian hallucinogenic, Ayahuasca, she radically changed her life – having her breast implants removed, and promising to stop having sex, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, going to parties – and becoming a vegan too.

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Sofia, who now goes by the name Gaia Mother Sofia, the Divine Sofia, told the Daily Mail:

I was beginning to believe that I was like no other person. I felt this exceptional purpose, this power that no one else possessed. It became clear that I could no longer continue as an actor, wear make up and hide behind a mask.

I was beginning to feel pure and cleansed. I was being elevated into a life that had no place for drugs, parties, or sexual promiscuity.

I was committed to living a new life and washing away the old me. I washed and stored all of my designer dresses and shoes and I haven’t worn jeans or heels or make-up since.

Now she’s spending her days building a massive £50,000 temple which will host a meditation room that can supposedly remove stress and, apparently, ‘cure cancer cells’.

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But don’t panic – Sofia is definitely charging for such services – ‘I have to pay my mortgage and living expenses at the end of the day’, she added.

She also claims she can heal people through her hands using telepathy…

Now each to their own, but to me, it sounds like Sofia might have had a bad trip.