Carol Vorderman’s Been Tweeting About Possible Sex Tape Leak

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Carol Vorderman shot to fame handling vowels, consonants and numbers on Countdown – but apparently that’s not all she’s been known to handle.

The former Countown co-host raised eyebrows on Thursday when a series of explicit tweets appeared on her Twitter page, teasing her followers with the promise of a ‘hairy’ sex tape – and people went crazy.

I mean, she was once named Rear of the Year so it’s understandable that fans were eager to see a raunchy film release.


PA 24270154 Carol Vordermans Been Tweeting About Possible Sex Tape LeakPA

In now-deleted tweets, she wrote:

Hey guys, just want to let you know, there might be a story in tomorrow’s papers about me #regretfrommyyouth #vhs #betamax?”

Is it illegal for someone to release private videos of you from your past? @robkardashian #hairypast #XXX #bringbackbush

I want to release it before the papers do. You’re going to see my ‘Consonant Vowel Consonant Consonant’ #TwofromtheTopOnefromthebottom.

A Voderman sex tape? Really?

Well, it turns out no.

The tweets were actually a part of a prank for Carol’s forthcoming appearance on the panel show ‘Safeword’ – April Fools’, everyone.

She’s since taken to Twitter to explain:


Sorry, everyone.


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