Cheating Wife Busted After Men’s Boots Were Spotted In Her Sexy Snapchat

By : Alex Watt |


UNILAD snapchat fail WEB50408

This husband was thrilled to receive a sexy selfie from his other half – that is, until he spotted a sign in the photo that she may not be being entirely faithful to him.

The unidentified man allegedly discovered his wife was cheating after he spotted men’s boots in one of her Snapchats.


The woman, known only as ‘Chelsea’, sent her fella some sexy snaps of her wearing lingerie in her hotel room. Unfortunately, he soon realised that she probably wasn’t alone in the room.

And, he really wasn’t happy about the situation judging by his texts, no matter how much she tried to convince him that he was overreacting.

She really screwed up here…

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UNILAD snapchat fail 250997

UNILAD snapchat fail 384481

UNILAD snapchat fail 480293

The series of photos were published on the website The Chive, although some have questioned their authenticity.

Still, given how much people overshare on Snapchat nowadays, it really doesn’t shock us that someone could be caught out in this way!


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