Check Out All Star Wars Battlefront Star Cards Ahead Of Launch

By : Mark Foster |


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With just a few short days to go before release, information on all the ‘Star Cards’, weapons, vehicles and more in Star Wars Battlefront have been released by EA.

Uploaded to EA’s stat tracking website, you can not only see every card in the game, but also what level you unlock them, and for how many experience points. It’ll also keep track of your character, your loadout and your personal unlocks. Nifty.

UNILAD bards56744EA

The screens below reveal that there are going to be many, many more items in the full game than were shown off in the beta. The most popular ‘Star Cards’ were the Jump Pack, which requires you to be level 13 to unlock, and the Cycle Rifle, which unlocks at level 28.

You can also unlock a range of character heads once you start to get close to the level cap of 50, with Twi’Lek and Quarren heads only being available to high levelled players. Check out the full list of unlocks on EA’s site.

UNILAD 2963420 blasters3661EA/ Star Wars
UNILAD 2963421 starcard263652EA/ Star Wars
UNILAD 2963422 traits87195EA/ Star Wars
UNILAD 2963423 powerups81728EA/ Star Wars
UNILAD 2963424 vehicles64943EA/ Star Wars
UNILAD 2963425 heroes93787EA/ Star Wars
UNILAD 2963426 basecommand29119EA/ Star Wars
UNILAD 2963427 basecommand114915EA/ Star Wars
UNILAD 2963428 starcard14620EA/ Star Wars
UNILAD 2963429 starcard170247EA/ Star Wars

Star Wars Battlefront releases in the UK on November 19 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.