Chrissy Teigen Posts X-Rated Naked Birthday Photo With John Legend

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Chrissy Teigen Posts X Rated Naked Birthday Photo With John Legend 31964UNILAD imageoptim ChrissyTeigenWEBGetty

Chrissy Teigen has just taken the Birthday Suit to new levels of naked.

Posting a photo to Instagram in honour of her friend, Marisa Martins’ birthday, 30-year-old Chrissy took the phrase a little too literally.

The Lip-Sync Battle co-host and her crooner husband, John Legend – who appeared mighty casual about the whole NSFW scene – posed in the nude picture which has now received over 300 thousand likes on Instagram.


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Chrissy, who made her name in the modelling industry after appearing in Sports Illustrated in 2010, is no stranger to the pulling power of partially-clothed content on social media.

She’s landed herself in hot water before by breaking Instagram’s strict nudity policies.

She’s even got John in on the act, posting sly pictures of his butt in private moments that maybe ought to stay private.


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Usually this would wind me up a little for being one-dimensional and dull, but Chrissy and John have the relateable content down to a tee too.

what's up chicken butt

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The parents of six-month-old Luna are the picture perfect image of the All-American family unit and their homespun love of sports and BBQ wings makes it kind of hard to hate them.


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She is innnnnn love!

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All we need is the Chrissy Teigen cookbook, a New York Times bestseller no less, so we can replicate her delicious-looking buns… Of the pastry variety, people, c’mon!

I’m not one for buying into the concept of #CoupleGoals, but these guys do make you smile on a Monday morning.

I just question their present-buying skills – I’m pretty sure Marisa would’ve preferred a gift basket over a naked photo of her friend. Can you take a photo back and get a refund?