Couple Who Share Their Sex Life On Instagram Keep Getting Reported

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Couple Who Share Their Sex Life On Instagram Keep Getting Reported insta3mitchgobel_resinart/Instagram

A couple accused of sharing inappropriate posts on Instagram have spoken out to encourage others to openly discuss sex.

Mitch Gobel and Sally Mustang of Byron Bay, Australia, have a combined 180,000 followers on the social media platform, and do not shy away from showcasing aspects of their sex life.

However, the nature of some of Mustang’s recent posts led to them being reported and deleted two days ago, according to the Daily Mail.

All she was wearing were black thigh-high stockings and a silk blind-fold, no panties. She was on her knees, hands tied behind her back, legs spread as widely apart as was comfortable for her and bent over our couch… Her world in that moment was the sound of my voice and the feeling of my subtle but very apparent touch. I slowly ran my tongue up from the back of her right knee to the top of her thigh, and a little further, making sure that I let out a steady, heavy, warm breath at the same time. I ended the lick with a soft kiss then planted my lips on what was left of the inside of her left thigh, about as close as I could without kissing her ?. With that kiss, I moved an inch higher and gave another, then another. Without touching her I paused for a moment, so that she could feel me there – my face an inch away from her. She could feel my breath right where she wanted to feel my tongue. I started to breath faster and heavier, as I did I could hear the excitement in her breath. Her body started twitching, she was begging for it, even subtly trying to move her self towards my face, I had her right where I wanted her ? ‘Stop!’ I told her, and we both froze, I held my breath for a few seconds more then slowly I let out another long, steady breath and as it ran out I guided my tongue onto her. As soon as I connected with her I stopped moving, I could feel her shaking, twitching, but I stayed completely still for a moment then I slowly guided my tongue up through her, so that it was only just touching before I pulled away completely… I want my posts like this one, to inspire you, YES YOU!!! ? to explore your mind sexually and then EMBRACE IT! It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, most people are afraid to fully express themselves sexually. Communication is the key to not only a healthy sex life but your entire life. Our voice is the most powerful tool that we have as humans. Wars could literally be ended through communication. Stop being frustrated by the experiences you haven’t had yet, talk to your sexual partner about what you want, also be prepared to hear theirs and be understanding. @sallymustang ??? #wordsendwars

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Mustang told Daily Mail Australia:

The colours and beauty of the flowers represented our love and afterwards, we wrote together over dinner, remembering an afternoon that was especially raunchy for us.

It was definitely written on a more physical level. Not so much the spiritual or emotional side of sex.

Instagram deleting this upset me a little, after I had spent so much energy creating it.

It was, although, a good reminder on why we were sharing these. Because sex should not be such a dirty, dismissed thing to discuss.

Gobel, who along with Mustang made a New Year’s resolution to be open about sex, told the Mail he hopes to inspire other couples.

He said:

We also wanted to inspire others to put effort into their sex life, especially the ones who’ve been in a long term relationship.

I’m no expert but I know that for many couples sex can become purely a release and with that it loses its passion, creativity, excitement and the education that comes with a new experience.

Talking about sex with your partner is going to mean that you’re learning about one another and it definitely brings couples closer together.

It demonstrates trust and understanding and I think it should be a big part of a healthy relationship.

Talking about sex with others is going to educate and/or inspire you. In my opinion, if you’re learning from any sort of situation then it’s worth doing.

According to Gobel, social media users have only had a small insight into his and Mustang’s sex life, and the pair are now ‘seriously considering’ penning a book on the topic.

He said:

Honestly what’s gone on social media has been very tame.

We’d have freedom to say whatever we want within a novel and I believe it would shock and inspire a few people.

Overall, it seems a bit of an awkward issue.

On the one hand, the pair are absolutely right, sex is nothing to be ashamed of and should be celebrated.

On the other, to use a site like Instagram, you do have to sign up to their terms and conditions – and, it follows, that they make the rules.