Emily Ratajkowski Shuts Down Piers Morgan For Mocking Nude Photoshoot

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Emily Ratajkowski has dropped yet another raunchy photo, and of course, the whole world had an opinion on it – namely, Piers Morgan.

Taking to Twitter, Em Rata posted her new nude photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar along with the caption: “Such an honor to be photographed as Lady Godiva & interviewed by @naomiwolf.”

Obviously, Piers Morgan had to have his say on women’s bodies and their right to show them.

Within nine minutes, the 25-year-old model fired back at Morgan’s subtle mockery and called him out for riding her naked photoshoot to further publicity.

She responded: “@piersmorgan thanks, but I don’t need clothes as much as you need press.”

That’s a torching if I’ve ever seen one.

And people on Twitter seemed to enjoy her fire-filled response:

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Morgan then attempted to fuel the fire with more fire by sending out several other tweets.

He wrote: “Given I have 4.2 million more followers than Ms @emrata, I think she might be the one in need of more press,” along with: “Emily Ratajowski posing FULLY-CLOTHED would be a bigger news story,” and: “My only issue is Ms Ratajowski’s claim that her stripping’s in the name of feminism. It’s in the name of money.”

But he made sure to also note he had ‘no issue with the horse’.

And it’s not the first time the two have squared off. Back in March, Piers lost his shit after the Gone Girl actress and Kim Kardashian took a topless photo together. Morgan responded suggesting they wear ‘a little dignity’ instead, and made sure to add feminism was now, thanks to their photo, ‘dead’.

As a woman who has been frequently disparaged for being overtly sexual, Ratakowski is no stranger to demanding the right to express her sexuality without being objectified or slut-shammed.

So I say, let her do what she wants – she makes a fair few great points. Take a seat, Piers.


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