Estate Agent Gets Caught Having Sex In House She Just Sold

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I can’t say I know the in’s and out’s of being a real estate agent, but I’m pretty sure having sex in the house you just sold is probably breaking a few rules.

But apparently one woman didn’t get the memo.

In news that sounds more like a porn film, 22-year-old Kayla Marisa Seloff was caught getting down and dirty with a guy in a house she had sold the day before.

On Saturday, a neighbor leaving for work before 5am noticed a light coming from a house which he thought was empty and called police. When officers arrived at the house in Texas, they found the estate agent and her lover on the floor, ABC News reports.

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Apparently, after coming out of hiding, Seloff claimed that she and Joshua Gene Leal, 27, were married and had just purchased the home the day prior. But when the pair were escorted to their car to retrieve their identification, officers found a pipe and noticed they both smelled of weed.

Seloff then admitted that she had just sold the home, which she did not have permission to be at, and that the marijuana was hers.

They were charged with criminal trespassing after the new homeowners, who obviously didn’t approve of the couple’s unconventional ‘housewarming’, filed charges against them.

Maybe keep it in your own home next time, guys.


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