Fallout 4’s Complete Magazine Collection Has Been Published Online

By : Mark Foster |



Fallout 4‘s numerous magazine’s look pretty gorgeous if you’ve got the time to sit down with them in-game. Thanks to the internet, you can now look at the game’s entire collection from the safety of your own home, without fear of being ripped apart by a Deathclaw. Happy days.

The complete collection of perk magazines has been uploaded to the web from Fallout 4‘s PC files, featuring 98 issues of 11 different periodicals. Deviant Art user Plank-69 has uploaded the covers of each, including 14 copies of Astoundingly Awesome Tales, 10 editions Guns and Bullets, and 10 issues of the hand-drawn Wasteland Survival fanzine.

Check out a selection of the magazines below, and visit Plank-69’s site for more.

2970049 awesome tales  4 book   fallout 4 by plank 69 d9hqbp1Plank-69/ DeviantArt
2970063 grognak november issue book   fallout 4 by plank 69 d9hqc8ePlank-69/ DeviantArt
2970073 guns and bullets  2 book   fallout 4 by plank 69 d9hqc5iPlank-69/ DeviantArt
2970108 live and love  14 book   fallout 4 by plank 69 d9hqeutPlank-69/ DeviantArt
2970123 msj  8 book   fallout 4 by plank 69 d9hqepe 1Plank-69/ DeviantArt
2970131 tesla  4 book   fallout 4 by plank 69 d9hqdvjPlank-69/ DeviantArt