Fitness Model Banned From Instagram For Being Too Sexy

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If an Instagram account gets deactivated, chances are, it’s because of nudity.

The rules state that if you have a photo that shows sex, genitals, close-ups of your ass or female nipples, you’ll get banned.

But would you consider this ‘too sexy’ for Instagram?

Brittany Perille Yobe has been posting fitness videos like this on Instagram for the better part of two years, racking up 922,000 followers in the process. But after posting a seemingly harmless exercise tutorial that showed her bare baby belly, her account was disabled.

The video was up for less than 24 hours – despite the fact that Brittany wore leggings and a sports bra.

She received a message from Instagram explaining her post was disabled for ‘not following the Instagram Community Guidelines’ because it is ‘sexually suggestive or contains nudity’.

I'll be 5 months ??Next Week ?? Still can't believe a little life is in my belly ??? @legionath

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Brittany said:

All I was doing in the video was working out like I’d done in all the other workout videos I have posted for years. There was nothing out of the ordinary in this one besides my bump.

She added the video was the first to share her new ‘mummy’ body, saying: “This video showcased my new baby bump where my washboard abs used to be. I guess my six-month belly was too much for Instagram to handle.”

As someone who relies on Instagram for income — she’s built her entire business around the platforms — Brittany was understandably deeply concerned by her ban and decided to appeal the decision, Cosmopolitan reports.

Luckily, as of a few days ago, Brittany’s account was reinstated.

Hopefully this was all a mistake on Instagram’s part, and her bare baby bump wasn’t actually viewed as inappropriate material.