Girl Requests Nicolas Cage In Her Hotel Room, Gets Exactly That That

By : Alex Bentley |


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It’s quite easy to get bored if you’re in a hotel room by yourself during a work trip. Although, I can’t say that this would be the first way I’d think of entertaining myself.

Sarah Kovacs Grzywacz was staying in the Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk (mouthful) in Texas on a business trip when she received a welcome text, from what she assumed to be an automated service, offering to help her with ‘anything, anytime’.

This is when she started to have a bit of fun. She asked for a framed picture of Nicolas Cage from Con Air on her bed by 6pm. What a brilliant mind she has. And that wasn’t even sarcasm.

Anyway, turns out Ramon, the concierge, is a BOSS.

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Sarah went out and about to kill some time, and when she returned, to her surprise, there was Nick.

The next day, she did it again. She text this time asking for a picture of Cage in Moonstruck. This time around though, she didn’t get it, so she text Ramon again.

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Ramon commended her on her choice of Cage film, and does not like to disappoint.

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Sarah left her room following her stay, to find this belter from him, that she hadn’t even requested.

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Well played Ramon. I hope she bought you a drink.