Here’s How Many Babies Have Been Conceived On Ikea Beds

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Putting together Ikea furniture is about as sexy as hangnails, splinters and getting a surprise tax bill. But apparently people are finding the end result of putting together an Ikea bed a bit of an aphrodisiac.

And it’s leading to a whole bunch of babies.


Recently, the New York Times looked into how the popular Swedish brand will impact our lives in the long term in an article titled ‘Ikea forever’.

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While the article looked at several different aspects of Ikea’s impact on our culture, the most shocking fact was the amount of babies actually conceived on the company’s beds.

According to the NY Times, one in ten Europeans are conceived on an Ikea mattress. That is, on an Ikea bed in their own home – not in a store.


Meaning, you, someone you know, or someone you will know, will have definitely made a baby on a bed from the Swedish furniture company.

Since it’s believed that Ikea is where relationships go to die, it’s a bit ironic that their beds actually bring couples together.

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But according to Ikea’s stats, it kind of makes sense. The Ikea Group had 771 million visitors to the stores during their 2015 financial year – and that doesn’t even account the 1.9 billion people who visited

That’s a lot of potential babies.


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