Here’s What Donald Trump’s Mexican Wall Might Look Like

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Remember that wall we all heard so much about in the early days of Trump’s path to presidential success? ‘And who’s gonna pay it?’ he guffawed. ‘The Mexicans’, roared the adoring crowd.

But the wall, designed to keep out all of the ‘bad hombres’ as Trump so eloquently put it, just what would it actually look like?

Thankfully some architects from Estudio 314 in Mexico of all places (probably a good idea since those bad hombres are the ones paying for it) have put together a realistic design of just what that big ol’ wall, spanning 1,954 miles would look like, reports Business Insider.

Heres What Donald Trumps Mexican Wall Might Look Like 8113UNILAD imageoptim the designers imagineda pink wall since trump has repeatedly said it should be beautifulAgustin Avalos/Estudio 314

In case you didn’t know, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said that his country ‘would never pay for it’. Why? I hear you ask, well because it is thought that the wall would cost between $15 and $25 billion dollars just to build in the first place.

Throw in an extra $2.1 billion dollars per year for maintenance works and to employ 21,000 border patrol agents. The wall would also take ‘at least’ 16 years to build which means that Trump would’ve been out of office for eight years at the absolute minimum by the time of its completion.

Heres What Donald Trumps Mexican Wall Might Look Like 28942UNILAD imageoptim stretching from the pacific coast to the gulf of mexico the wall would separate the southwest us from northern mexicoAgustin Avalos/Estudio 314

The architects designed the wall in a lovely pink colour to meet Trump’s demands that the wall is ‘beautiful’ – and beautiful it is.

The wall, aptly named the ‘Prison Wall’, stretches all the way from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific North West, aiming to separate the U.S. and Mexico once and for all.

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Meeting Trump’s idyllic dreams, the architects also built a prison into the wall which will hold the ’11 million people Trump plans to deport’, claims designer Norberto Miranda.

The prisoners would also be forced to work in order to maintain the wall.

Heres What Donald Trumps Mexican Wall Might Look Like 56827UNILAD imageoptim the wall would include a prison for immigrants holding up to 11million people who trump plans to deport miranda saidAgustin Avalos/Estudio 314

Don’t worry though – it’s not all bad as on the American side of the wall there’d be a big shopping mall built into the beautiful wall.

Heres What Donald Trumps Mexican Wall Might Look Like 350UNILAD imageoptim according to the design americans would enjoy a shopping mall thats built into the wall tooAgustin Avalos/Estudio 314

Of course the whole thing is just a big joke, and the designers have actually claimed that the wall would be essentially impossible to build due to the dense and mountainous areas of the borderline.

Heres What Donald Trumps Mexican Wall Might Look Like 187UNILAD imageoptim the design was also inspired by the work ofrenowned mexican architect luis barragn who is famous for his blunt stucco walls and use of bright colorsAgustin Avalos/Estudio 314

According to Miranda the wall is merely a ‘megalomaniac architectural proposal’.

Here’s to the next four years of building the impossible wall which seems more apt for a Kafka-Camus crossover novel than the magnum opus of the next President of the Free World.


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