People Have Just Noticed Something Spooky In Ivanka Trump’s ‘Sexiest Boss’ Photos

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People Have Just Noticed Something Spooky In Ivanka Trumps Sexiest Boss Photos 33549UNILAD imageoptim GettyImages 528407016Getty

An image of Ivanka Trump as ‘the world’s sexiet boss’ has surfaced, and people seem to think it shows an eerie connection between the Trumps and American presidency.

Shot in 2006 for now defunct magazine Stuff, the photo shows Donald Trump’s eldest daughter draped across a desk next to a placard labelled ‘Vice President’.

Ever since Trump’s election, there have been countless reports of President Trump predictions from years ago. And the Internet seems to think this is the jackpot.

The shoot at the time however was pointing to Ivanka’s position of Vice President of Real Estate Development for Trump Productions, the Daily Star reports. But now with her father as the President-elect of the United States, people are making a connection to her being in the White House.

And the soon-to-be First Daughter of the U.S. may be closer to being an adviser than many of us may think. On Thursday, she attended a meeting where President-elect Trump met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Trump Tower in Manhattan. Press were not allowed to cover the event, and no summary was provided about what was discussed.

While that may not worry some, many have called Ivanka’s political presence a conflict of interest since she will be running her father’s business while he is running the country.

Between The Simpsons, Baba Vanga, and the American University professor who has predicted every U.S. Presidential result correctly since 1984, it seems everyone saw a Trump win except for those actually voting.



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