Kendall Jenner Nude Hits 1 Million Instagram Likes, But There’s A Catch

By : Jamie RobertsTwitterLogo

Kendall Jenner Nude Hits 1 Million Instagram Likes, But Theres A Catch Associated Press1Associated Press

Kendall Jenner posted a photo of a model naked on a horse to Instagram and the internet promptly exploded.

That’s where we’re at in 2015, one not-even-fully-revealing photo of a naked women on a horse posted by a celebrity is enough to break the world wide web. Maybe it’s the horse people came to see, who knows?

But we know it (probably) wasn’t the horse that raked in the likes, it was the fact that people thought it was Kendall Jenner that got them bashing their little Instagram hearts in their millions.

It wasn’t her though, it was French model Elisa Meliani, who actually uploaded the image to her IG account last year, only racking up 1,944 likes at the time. Coincidently Elisa also posts a lot of very NSFW images to her account, here.

Kendall didn’t even credit the model, but Elisa seemed happy enough with the Regram of her horse based antics, so I can’t imagine it’ll cause any issues.

Waouuu ! Me and my horse on Kendall IG ❤️ @kendalljenner #blessed

A photo posted by Elisa Meliani (@elisajazz) on

And regardless of who was on the horse, Twitter reacted as it does:

Well there you have it folks, it’s official: What a time to be alive.