Kim Kardashian Promises To Keep Breaking Internet With Nude Selfies

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Kim Kardashian has vowed that as long as she’s living and breathing, she’ll never stop posting nude photos. So we’re all just going to have to get used to it.

The 35-year-old reality star picked up the first-ever ‘Break the Internet’ gong at the Webby Awards in New York on Monday night, which she no doubt won thanks to her many nude selfies she’s posted this year.


Possibly the strongest reaction came from the infamous black-bar nude selfie that went viral two months ago, which provoked everything from praise to feminist debates to celebrity parodies. She also sparked criticism from Chloe Moretz, Piers Morgan and Bette Midler.

So when the Webby Awards rolled around, introducing their first ‘Break the Internet’ category for this year’s ceremony, there was obviously only one truly worthy recipient. And Kim took the opportunity to assure us all that she has no plans of covering up anytime soon.


As she took to the stage to accept her award, Kim adhered to the organisation’s five word acceptance speech limit, going with: “Nude selfies ’till I die!”.

Take that, Piers Morgan.

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Apparently, the Internet is about as durable as an 90-year-old hip. So when it comes to going viral, Kimmy K destroys it. She can dominate Twitter and Instagram just by flashing her cleavage.


And while her Kim-clones are probably happy for her win, it’s a tad pathetic to think that while there are actually men and women on the Internet making waves for good reasons, Kim’s lavish lifestyle and nude ass wins the Internet over every time.

Let’s hope her future break-the-Internet nudes are limited.


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