Kim Kardashian Returns To Social Media, Instantly Regrets It

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After news broke yesterday of Kim Kardashian’s triumphant return to social media, the Internet completely lost it.

Since being robbed at gunpoint in Paris, Kimmy K has been M.I.A since October 2nd – and social media has been its quietest ever.

But it appears that people have, oddly been missing the reality star since her online disappearance.

But on Halloween, one month after the robbery in Paris that (rightfully) shook her to her very core, the 36-year-old made her return to social media by publishing three different posts on Facebook.

On Monday night Kim posted a picture to Facebook of herself on her phone while using a Lumee case, followed by two links to her app promoting a throwback Halloween costume post on Kourtney’s app and a post written by faithful assistant Steph about Halloween costume ideas.

Obviously, the Internet lost their shit – but not before Kim deleted everything.

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Now, it turns out that those posts were a mistake. An insider told Us Weekly: “The posts were an error. She’s still figuring out when is the right time for her to come back.”

Hmm.. Do mistakes actually happen within the Kardashian Klan? With a meticulous ‘momager’ like Kris Jenner who apparently even helped release her daughter’s sex tape for fame, you would think not.

So were the posts all an error or another attempt at clinging to fame? Either way, it seems a lot of people are happy that social media is a hell of a lot quieter.


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