The Latest Ridiculous Social Media Craze Involves Breasts And Pens

By : Kieron Curtis |


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2016 is not even a month old but we’ve already been treated to the first ridiculous social media trend of the year.

The latest craze has seen women from Japan and China using their breasts to hold a pen in place, thus proving they have an ample bosom…apparently.

According to the Daily Mail, the first social media post in China appeared on January 6 with the hashtag #carrypenunderbreast. Hey, it’s nothing if not clear.

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Of course, some people have pushed the trend a few steps further, using heavier and bulkier objects to show off…

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The trend reportedly originated in Japan before reaching China, but has quickly gone viral with over 1.24 million views so far.

It is alleged that several other names for the craze have also appeared online, including ‘new standard for a goddess’ and ‘only a real woman can do this’.

Unsurprisingly, these statements have caused a bit of controversy, with many people pointing out that the ability to hold a pen under your breasts is not what makes you a woman.

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Weibo user ‘Er Bi Bu Shi Ji Pin’ commented:

What exactly is the standard of being a proper girl? Recently, people in Japan invented a new standard, that is – to hold a pen under your breast. Only when you can do that are you a real girl.

Another user called Ai Tian Yi Sheng’ wrote:

I can’t do it, does it mean I’m not a woman?

What a world we live in…


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