Man Makes His Own Epic Batman Suit With 3D Printer

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While some people are using 3D printers to make body parts for humans and animals or even to build houses, this guy came up with a much better way to use the technology. By building his very own Batman suit.

I’ve been wanting a 3D printer for ages, simply because the possibilities are endless. These things alongside VR headsets are the future of our planet for certain, and I can’t wait till normal folk like us can start using them. Although I’m not sure that’s such a good idea in reality. And they’ll probably be too dear, forever.

Anyway, this guy used his 3D printer to make the best Batman suit I’ve seen yet (other than the real one). Check this out…

Print BM 1

Print BM 3

Print BM 2

It looks pretty fucking cool right? Only I can’t help but notice a certain chink in his armour.

arkhamfeet 768x1024

I’d recommend sorting that out before fighting any crime.