Meet The Mum-Of-Two Who’s Taking Instagram By Storm

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Meet AJ Anderson, the mum-of-two who has been taking Instagram by storm in recent months.

Atlanta based AJ set up her account a year ago, getting into modelling after her divorce.

Now the former marketing graduate’s pictures have seen her gain a steady online following, racking up millions of likes in the process.

AJ told the Daily Star Online:

At the core of everything, I am an artist. I love to create. In my college art classes, we had life models come in to pose for us. One day, we had an older woman come in and I was just in awe. She was so confident and beautiful and I wanted to be her.

… I decided to pose for one photographer to get the money but it turned out to be something that I really enjoyed. My goal is to show people that it is okay to be who you really are.

The 34-year-old also explained that she loves being naked, but that her Instagram isn’t pornographic, rather a means to inspire other people to be confident in their own skin.

She added: “With everything that I do, my goal is to show people that it is not only ‘okay’ to be who you really are, but that you truly do yourself and the world a disservice when you block your self expression.”

Her modelling has also got an unwanted reaction from some people, though:

There was one picture that was a shot of me bending over wearing simply underwear taken from the back. One follower sent me a screenshot showing me that he made it his wallpaper on his phone. ‘My wife will just have to deal with it,’ he said.

This led AJ to clean up her account.

She continued: “I left the picture up for a few months but have since taken it down. I cleaned up my account and removed several pictures that I didn’t feel added to the image I am trying to portray.”

AJ says she maintains her figure via a combination of a strict vegan diet, drinking lots of water, going to the gym, sleeping a lot and avoiding any drugs or alcohol.


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