Model Joanna Krupa Takes Mannequin Challenge To Next Level

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There’s no holding back for model Joanna Krupa as she bares all in her own version of the Mannequin Challenge. 

The 37-year-old model did away with clothes, in a Mannequin Challenge which didn’t leave too much to the imagination.

The model filmed herself on Instagram, in what is probably the most ‘exposing’ take on the challenge yet.

The Polish born model, daringly sprawled out in the nude in front of huge windows at her Chicago hotel.

Her 44-year-old husband, Romain Zago, filmed her brave display, which she captioned, ‘My version of the #mannequinchallenge.’

Here’s the video of the blonde-model’s nod to the challenge:

My version of the #mannequinchallenge ☺️ by @romainzago #joannakrupa.

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It’s lucky that her leg is strategically placed there…