Mum Compares Daughters’ Vaginas To Taylor Swift’s Using Ham Sandwiches

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Mum Compares Daughters Vaginas To Taylor Swifts Using Ham Sandwiches tay1Getty

Unfortunately there is no escaping Taylor Swift’s love life – it’s everywhere.

And now, so is a ham sandwich representing her vagina.

Jennifer Mayers, a 44-year-old wife, mother, and Christian from Louisiana, who ‘spreads positivity through Jesus Christ’ according to her Twitter bio, took it upon herself to slut shame Taylor Swift in the most bizarre way ever – by comparing her vagina to a ham sandwich. And then comparing her daughters’ vaginas to a ham sandwich as well.

She used it as the reason why she preaches Christianity.

The tweet has been retweeted nearly 2,300 times, and has unsurprisingly elicited a significant amount of negative backlash.

A scroll through her Twitter feed (we don’t recommend it), shows her to be pro-gun, racist (more recently she’s made some vile comments about Alton Sterling and the Dallas shootout) Trump supporter.

And not only did she share the bizarre and out of line vagina/ham roll comparison on Twitter for all to see, she dedicated an entire blog post to it. And it’s teeming with hilariously inaccurate facts and assumptions.

Apparently, the singer’s sexual ‘conquests could fill a small stadium’. This is because her ‘low self esteem that is causing her to search for a void to fill’ and her mother did not raise her correctly, according to Mayers.

She even wrote a previous blog post called Taylor Swift: Role Model or Prostitute? – so you can see where this is going.

While we know Swift has had more boyfriends than we can count, that shouldn’t justify labeling her as a slut.

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Unless this woman has physically seen Taylor Swift get around, she has no idea what she’s talking about. And apparently she also has no idea how sex actually works.

Her vagina ham roll comparison is as anatomically incorrect as you can get. As this Twitter user pointed out, the outer part of a woman’s vagina has no affect on how ‘loose’ they are.

Others were quick to point it out, too:

And even though there are a lot of idiots out there who liked Mayers’ tweet, plenty of people pointed out how idiotic the comment was.

The fact that we have people like this woman in the world worries me.