Naked Pictures Of Hitler’s Girlfriend Revealed In Weirdest Nude Leak In History

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Probably the most bizarre set of nude photos to come to light ever, are Hitler’s mistress’ naked photos. 

An Austrian photograph collector believes he has unearthed nude pictures of Hitler’s girlfriend, ‘frolicking’ on the beach, according to the Daily Mail.  The pictures allegedly show Eva Braun, bathing completely in the buff and paddling in the sea at the Nazi dictator’s summer home.

The collector, known as ‘Bernard S,’ who stumbled across them, is absolutely ‘certain,’ that the images are that of the ruler’s famous girlfriend. He purchased them from an antiques dealer, who claims a top military historian identified the mysterious, naked woman, as the elusive Eva Braun.

The collector said:

I studied all pictures of Eva Braun that I could find. You can clearly see that it is her.

The Antiques dealer Stefan Kreuzmayr described how he came to have the old photographs.

He said:

A woman came into my shop nine years ago. She had a whole box of pictures with her from an estate.

She had found the stuff in her attic and thought that, in two images, Eva Braun was pictured.

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A close friend-who is also a lawyer and a magistrate- and aide of the historian, who died earlier in the year, believes that he was correct in thinking the photos are legit.

He said:

I find this absolutely credible. If someone could identify Eva Braun it would be him. He was second to none in these matters.

It is difficult to tell if the images are of infamous Braun, however, the antiques dealer claims the photos had her name written on the back. Ominously, they also had captions which read, ‘On the secluded beach at the Lake Wolfgang. August 1943’ and ‘A snapshot. A beautiful day on the Black Lake.’

Naked Pictures Of Hitlers Girlfriend Revealed In Weirdest Nude Leak In History 34375UNILAD imageoptim Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild F051673 0059 Adolf Hitler und Eva Braun auf dem BerghofGerman Federal Archive

To qualify the photos further, they were taken in 1943 when Eva was living at Berghof- Hitler’s summer house. Even more curiously, there is a shoe in the picture of her bending over, which apparently, is the ‘exact copy,’ of a pair that she was pictured in doing aerobics at another of Hitler’s holiday homes.

It certainly seems strange and the woman depicted does look convincingly like the type of the blonde ‘Ayran’ lady that Hitler would go wild for. However, there are reasons it might not be her too, Braun’s biographer, Heike Görtemaker believes she wouldn’t have posed naked, at that time.

She said:

It’s very, very unlikely that she can pose alone like this in front of a photographer – I do not think it is her.

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Hitler tried to keep his lover a secret during his 12-year reign, wanting to give the impression he was ‘married to the people.’

On 30th April, 1945, the pair’s dark fairytale came to an end as they married in a bunker and committed suicide a matter of hours later.

Whatever your thoughts are on these images, they’re certainly strange and they do seem to strike a remarkable resemblance to the evil leader’s lover…