New Instagram Account Exposes Creepy Messages Guys Send Models

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This guy officially holds the title for the best comment I've found so far. Bravo sir. (Model: @lindseypelas (again))

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Instagram: it revolutionised the selfie, became a haven for hashtags and is the birthplace of the Valencia filter.

But for all its glory, its got its creeps, too.

Thanks to an influx in models using the app for self-promotion, the social media platform has become saturated with seedy men hitting on women in a way so vulgar that it would have them jailed if they were to dare say it on the street.

One Instagram account, @commentcasanovas, has dedicated themselves to showcasing the best of these gag-worthy comments in one place. And it’s amazing.

Here are some of the finest:

Will you bring the 'stuffing' too @instagramas?! ???? (submitted by @oliviahughes_)

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You can follow their Instagram account here.


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