Orlando Bloom Just Got Naked On A Date With Katy Perry

By : Jennifer BrowneTwitterLogo

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Orlando Bloom – actor, elf, pirate and all around good guy – is currently on vacation in Italy with girlfriend Katy Perry – naked.

More specifically, he’s naked on a paddle board.

And thanks to some leaked pictures and a very visible shadow, the Internet is sure he’s got a pretty sizeable third leg(olas).

The series of photos published on NY Daily News were taken in Sardinia, Italy and are entirely censored.

But you can always count on the Internet to determine whether Bloom’s packing a hobbit or a Stone-giant – and the consensus is that it’s definitely a giant.

Obviously, Twitter is having a heyday trying to find the uncensored photos:

It’ll be a while before the uncensored Bloom photos surface – if they ever do. But from what we can already gather from the shadows, Katy Perry won’t be embarrassed if they do.


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