People Can’t Work Out What’s Going On In This Bikini Illusion

By : Jennifer Browne |


Red bikini in car window 526579Imgur

It’s no secret that the world is obsessed by illusions.

For some reason, there’s just something tormenting about staring at a confusing image for what feels like hours trying to figure it out. And when you do, it’s sometimes more satisfying than the best things in the world – like pizza or sex.

And this one has left the Internet scratching their heads.

Uploaded to Imgur a few days ago, this double-take bikini photo racked up more than 66,000 views, the Daily Star reports.

Red bikini viral photo 567439Imgur

The image shows what people are believing to be two women wearing matching red bikinis, separated by a car door.

But one of the bodies seems to belong to a man – in what the Daily Star is calling a ‘mind-bending twist’.

Anyone with half a brain, however, would realise that there is actually only one woman in a red bikini, and the second woman’s body is her reflection in the car door.

double take

Obviously, the man is not ‘proudly showing off his feminine physique’ – as the Daily Star puts it – he’s actually just standing behind the car door.

This is one of the more unsatisfying illusions to figure out, and not quite as difficult as others – like the cigar in the wall or even the less strenuous ‘how many girls are in this photo’ one.

So who knows why this one has made its rounds in the first place – it’s pretty easy to spot – but like everything on the Internet, it’s here now. So embrace it.


Daily Star