Photographer Takes Surreal Nudes To Explore Her Everyday Thoughts

By : Jamie Roberts |


UNILAD 1210099Ángela Burón

This photographer takes surreal nudes to help deal with everyday emotions.

Spanish artist Ángela Burón uses technical skills to manipulate the human body and create these incredible images, which she uses to explore the inner workings of her imagination.

According to Konbini the 25-year-old explores her day-to-day troubles, being afraid of water or feeling empty for example, creating these photos to document her thoughts and feelings – “Living in my head is exhausting,” she says in the caption to one of her images.

All photos © Ángela Burón:

UNILAD 118912

UNILAD 271692

UNILAD 355633

UNILAD 478548

UNILAD 521089

UNILAD 1150340

UNILAD 674003

UNILAD 752249

UNILAD 891680

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UNILAD 1052446

UNILAD 137747

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