Sharon Osbourne Responds To Kim Kardashian Photo In Unexpected Style

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Sharon Osbourne Responds To Kim Kardashian Photo In Unexpected Style WEBTHUMB KimTwitter / Wikipedia

On Monday Kim Kardashian tried to break the internet. The internet reacted. Celebrities reacted. And she reacted, with another nude. Now, Sharon Osbourne has reacted in a way I could not have imagined. But damn.

Adopting the hashtag, #liberated, used by Kimmie, the 63-year-old Talk host posted a tweet to let her two million followers know how she had been inspired by the reality star and businesswoman.

The wife of legendary vocalist Ozzy, posted:

There seems to be a constant stream of mixed opinion over the Kardashian’s recent controversial snap.

Oh, and incase you didn’t see the original – here it is:

Piers Morgan, who is no stranger to controversy, ended up in an online row with Kim K after he asked her if he could buy her some clothes, alluding to Kanye’s self-confessed bankruptcy.

Kim responded while Piers was live on Good Morning Britain to argue that by offering to buy her clothes he was somehow trying to lure her away.

In her own words: 

Beautiful prose. However, in my opinion I’m not too sure that offering to buy a woman clothes is ‘some ashley madison type shit’ if posting a nude to your 40 million followers isn’t.

Hocus Pocus star, Bette Midler, also criticized the pic stating that the only way Kim could show us a part of her body we hadn’t already seen was if she swallowed her camera.

Knowing the internet like we do, you can probably imagine that Sharon wasn’t the first bombshell to replicate the image:

Though mildly amusing I have to say that there is just something eerily sinister about that top one. Why so serious?