Sobering Images Of A Deserted Paris Following Terror Attacks

By : Alex Watt |


UNILAD paris deserted 188031Twitter/Mirror

The Eiffel Tower

Following the terror attacks which rocked the French capital last night and left at least 127 people dead, the streets of Paris were eerily deserted this morning.

The haunting images show how the streets have been all but abandoned in the wake of the attacks, after officials warned people to remain indoors as the city remains on high alert.

French President Francois Hollande has declared a state of emergency in the country in the aftermath of the attacks and closed the nation’s borders.

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The Louvre Museum

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Galeries Lafayette

Today, tourist spots like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Pompadou have been closed off and people in Paris have clearly been heeding the security warnings, with pretty much the only figures spotted on the streets being cleaners or police.

In addition, the National Assembly is under armed guard by the French army for security reasons.

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The National Assembly

UNILAD paris deserted 665714Twitter/Mirror

Orsay Museum

Passengers arriving back in the UK from Paris on the Eurostar confirmed the city was in complete lock down.

Meanwhile, the British government has warned people travelling to France to exercise caution, in light of the tighter border controls implemented in the country following the attacks.

One of the few who made the trip over to the French capital today shared an image of the empty carriages on the Eurostar, as many have understandably opted not to travel to the country following the attacks yesterday.