Social Media Reacts To BBC Three’s ‘Awful’ New Logo

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Social Media Reacts To BBC Threes Awful New Logo BBC Logo MainBBC

So BBC Three have just gone and unveiled a new logo and who would have known that everyone would have a lot to say about it…

The old BBC Three logo was fairly simple and fitted in pretty well with the corporations style, but now look it looks like their marketing department freaked the fuck out and felt the need for change, in time with the switchover to online streaming next month.

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The logo hadn’t changed in eight years and it seems fans of the channel had grown pretty attached. Explaining its decision, the BBC said its logo overhaul was designed with apps for tablets and smartphones in mind.

Along with its switchover, they now have a fresh new logo to go along with it and it’s a hell of a lot different.

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The new logo consists of Roman numerals, with the third stroke turned into an exclamation mark.

A few welcomed the fresh new look…

But sadly, it doesn’t seem everyone shared these guys enthusiasm for the design…

Others seemed to take serious issue with the fact it could have been for BBC Two

While some just saw an opportunity to take the piss…

Some even drew comparisons with BBC Two comedy series W1A– which parodies life inside the BBC.

To be fair, BBC Three poked fun at themselves and addressed the fact it looks a lot similar with this short clip…

Well, I think that could have gone a lot better…


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