The Melbourne Cup: Australia’s Most Prestigious Horse Race Is Back

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Australian’s love their sport and the Melbourne Cup is one of the most elegant, graceful, and prestigious sporting events in the country. It comes around on the first Tuesday of every November. 

Aussies go to great lengths to dress up in their finest attire and bring their finest behaviour to cup day.

The thing is…

No matter how glossy something is perceived to be…

Alcohol always wins.

Here is a collection of classic moments from previous Melbourne Cup race days. They almost give Oktoberfest a run for its money in terms of debauchery.

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UNILAD cup1781776

UNILAD cup1422510 366x426

UNILAD cup1636818

UNILAD cup1595203

UNILAD cup1279069 543x426

UNILAD cup1181007

UNILAD cup1033965 391x426

UNILAD cup977020

UNILAD cup81403

UNILAD cup1386309

UNILAD cup77646

UNILAD cup648484

UNILAD cup532436

UNILAD cup476310 640x366

UNILAD cup360541 640x426

UNILAD cup214546 366x426

UNILAD cup118147 640x366

UNILAD cup1996830

Amazing scenes down under. We look forward to some fresh photos coming out from this years event.

Pick a winner!