The Rock Shows Us His Epic 4 AM Post-Workout Breakfast

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The Rock Shows Us His Epic 4 AM Post Workout Breakfast ROCK weB thumb

Dwayne Johnson shows us why it’s awesome to be him by giving us an idea of what he eats for breakfast.

This is far from your normal morning meal, it consists of five packs of Cream of Wheat (whatever that is), four scrambled eggs and 8oz bison steak. For the nutritionists among you this works out at about 1,505 calories and 78.36 grams of protein.

And do know what else makes this an even more ridiculous breakfast? He’s taking in all that protein usually before 6 am. I don’t think anything could make me get up that early.

Here’s another one of Johnson’s crazy protein breakfasts. It’s pretty much the same only swapped the buffalo meat for cow.

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