The Secret To Living Past 100 Is Rampant Sex, Apparently

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A village in Italy where more than one in 10 residents reach 100 years old has revealed the secret to their longevity – and it’s a trick many of us would welcome.

Over the last six months, scientists have been researching why residents living in Acciaroli – a tiny village 90 miles south of Naples – live for so long.

The answer? A healthy diet and rampant sex.

Yep, it turns out that living past 100 is all down to a great sex life and a good Mediterranean diet based on olive oil, fresh fruit, vegetables and fish.

As a result, locals living in Acciaroli seem to be largely immune from heart disease, dementia and other conditions associated with ageing, The Independent reports.

More than one in 10 – 81 people at the mayor’s last count to be exact – of the village’s population of 700 has passed the century mark.

Local Antonio Vassalo, 100, credited his Mediterranean diet to his longevity, saying: “We only eat healthy stuff.”

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His wife Amina, 93, added:

We eat a lot of fish, fresh produce from the countryside that we grow ourselves.

We have our own rabbits, our chickens. Only local products. And olive oil: we consume what we produce.

Not to mention their sex lives are pretty great.

Alan S. Maisel, the San Diego cardiologist heading up the project, said: “Sexual activity among the elderly appears to be rampant. Maybe living long has something to do with that, it’s probably the good air and the joie de vivre.”

Well, if a good diet and lots of sex are the secret to longevity, I’m in.