These Russian Dating Site Pictures Are The Weirdest Thing Ever

By : Ben Hayward |


You can always rely on Russia for the weird and wonderful. From their leaders posing topless on horseback, to congratulating each other when they have a sauna, to refusing to smile at strangers, our Russian cousins are experts at causing raised eyebrows the world over.

Their dating websites are no exception, I can only assume that these guys are catering to some pretty niche markets, so here for your enjoyment/confusion are ten of the weirdest, most inexplicable Russian dating site pictures the internet has to offer.

I’ll shoot shit, then clean it up?

Don’t need a shirt with a tie this size.


So many patterns, the shine coming off those trousers, just everything about this.

What? I’m just having a cig and eating some pizza on the kitchen floor.

Good cop, bad cop.

Always had a bit of a thing for Ariel from The Little Mermaid – oh god, no.

Nothing positive can be said about this.

You want one, you get both. No questions.

Ninja fly-swatter?

So much to enjoy, so much for my eyes and brain to compute.