These Women Found A Way Around Instagram’s ‘Nudity’ Policy, Apparently

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These Women Found A Way Around Instagrams Nudity Policy, Apparently instagram2 Lindsay Lohan/Instagram

Since the photo sharing site first launched back in 2010, Instagram’s nudity policy has never been far away from causing controversy.

Whether it’s Amber Rose, Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan or Kim Kardashian it seems that people just can’t resist getting their kit off for the camera (and their followers).

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However, the most recent account to take the site by storm may have found a way of neatly side-stepping the policy that many consider to be far too strict in the first place.

According to the Daily Mail, Nude Yoga Girl, has gathered an impressive 180,000 followers since she started posting on the social media platform just three months ago.

She shares ‘tasteful’ black-and-white images of herself contorting and stretching her body into yoga poses – all without any clothing on.

#ANATOMY. You get situations in life when you screw up a bit. At least if you are a bit like me.? ❤ It can be dropping a tray, falling over on a stage, forgetting the price tag on your dress, telling a bad joke, failing to prepare a good dinner, forgetting something very important…etc. Those things aren´t that serious at all but sometimes we feel like they are. ❤ We can feal great shame, go under ground, criticize ourselves for hours and think that we would never do anything where we could fail like that again. Or we could just laugh and smile about it… ❤ Laughing and smiling can come and save us from the most embarrassing situations and turn them into fun instead. It can relax the group and bring the people even closer together. First and foremost, you feel much better yourself if you know to just laugh and smile when something doesn’t really go as planned. ❤ In the past I didn’t know very well how to laugh at myself.. We take ourselves sometimes very seriously, don’t we? ❤ It’s easy to be demanding and hard on yourself. But as yoga teaches us, we should be more kind towards ourselves. Life isn´t so serious.☺ ❤ It´s maybe cliche to say “the only people who never fail are those who never try” but that´s true. Failing is probably the most unnecessary word in the world. ❤ You screw up sometimes, so what? Nobody else is going to think about it again afterwards so much as you. It’s very human like not to always shine, succeed and be at your best. I just want to say that, we can’t always succeed. We can still smile and be kind to ourselves. ❤

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The former model, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Daily Mail:

Yoga and photography are my two passions and I wanted to bring them together in a pure way. I found a new way of expressing myself and it all just started out suddenly and spontaneously.

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The aim of her account is to promote a healthy body image and the majority of comments on her posts focus on the inspirational and empowering – rather than erotic – qualities of the images.

She added:

It’s great to know that I’ve been able to ‘touch’ people in a positive way with my art and captions. I used to see fault with my body and that made it impossible for me to accept and love myself fully. Yoga helped me to find it and I wish that yoga can help others too.

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Crystal Bargholz – another nude-loving yogi – also manages to get past Instagram rules to post tactful naked yoga poses.

Her posts aim to connect nature with classic yoga poses and tasteful, not-too-revealing nudity.

These Women Found A Way Around Instagrams Nudity Policy, Apparently instagram1Instagram

However, there are plenty of other people picking up on the social media trend for being naked online.

Kim Akrich is a professional photographer who focuses on nude women in her work. Her profile has over 20,000 followers and features women – usually in sun-drenched locations – posing nude or nearly nude.


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She said:

My work is based on nudes as to me that is the greatest way to express the absolute beauty of the female form.

When you wear clothes, you can become an advertisement, whereas when you’re naked the only beauty is that of you and yourself.

However, not every nude Instagrammer is using nakedness in pursuit of their art or to promote healthier attitudes towards the human body.

The Naked Tiger – which has 283,000 followers – also uses images of the nude female body, but they do it to promote their hugely successful swimwear and clothing range.

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The profile is managed by Zoe Irvine – an acclaimed fashion designer and blogger from Australia – and, with over a thousand posts and hundreds of models featured on it, is simply a promotional tool.

As with most cases, a blanket ban concerning nudity on Instagram seems heavy-handed.

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With so many instances of people – especially young people – being flooded with images that give rise to unrealistic expectations of how they should look, it’s important for them to have access to more balanced viewpoints.

And, for the most-part, that seems to be what people like Nude Yoga Girl and Kim Akrich are trying to do.


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