This Artist Has Found A Genius Way Round Instagram’s Nipple Censorship

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This Artist Has Found A Genius Way Round Instagrams Nipple Censorship UNILAD FaceThumb87047Instagram/Esmay Wagemans

Instagram’s strict no-nudity policy has caused a lot of debate – the #FreeTheNipple movement has campaigned for women’s nipples to be given equal airplay to men’s, without risk of censor.

Now one artist has found a cunning way round it, using a latex suit that shows all of the female body, while still technically wearing clothes.

First one of my new second skin series

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Artist Esmay Wagemans explained her project to Dazed:

A great deal of my art projects are about the female body, so I had struggles promoting my projects online due to the naked censorship policy on Instagram and Facebook. I wanted to create a ‘problem-solving’ product which wouldn’t break the Instagram guidelines, but would still give me the opportunity to show the naked body. This is where we designed the first latex suit.

Tb project new feminism

A photo posted by @esmaywagemans on

These suits formed the start of her new project ‘Second Skin’, where she tests the censorship rules of the big social media sites using very revealing moulded sculptures.

Esmay said: “Our society maintains the sexual objectification of the female body… Because of this, we keep linking the body to something sexual and experience it as something shocking.”

A photo posted by @esmaywagemans on

You can see more of Esmay’s work on her Instagram.