This Contouring Grandma Has Broken The Internet

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This Contouring Grandma Has Broken The Internet Screen Shot 2016 05 09 at 07.56.55Instagram

Think contouring is just for beauty pros and Kim Kardashian? Well, think again, because this nan is about to school you all.

Known as ‘contouring grandma’, 80-year-old Livia has gone viral after her granddaughter – makeup artist Tea Flego – shared before and after photos of her (pretty unbelievable) makeup transformation.

This is her transformation:

Crazy, we know.

Obviously, Livia became an internet sensation practically overnight – with her latest transformation gaining over 23,500 likes. And it’s not hard to see why – she looks amazing.

Her granddaughter has actually been posting transformation photos of the 80-year-old for quite a while, but the latest has only just taken off.

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The 80-year-old is now known as ‘contouring grandma’ or ‘glam-ma’, and her look has – according to Tea’s Instagram – inspired her nursing home friends to try out contouring for themselves.

Tea wrote on one photo: “My GLAM-MA has made new trend in nursing home! A bunch of 80-year-olds want to Contour and Glow.”

To be fair, if I lived at the same nursing home as Livia, I’d want to look like her too.

The real question is though, when will Glam-Ma get her own Instagram? We’re hoping soon.


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