This Guy Has Cracked The Secret To Meeting Celebs Without Leaving The House

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This Guy Has Cracked The Secret To Meeting Celebs Without Leaving The House dino faceInstagram / Lorenz Valentino

Lorenz Valentino. He doesn’t sound like your average Joe does he? He sounds like the sort of guy who’s got his finger in copious pies. The sort of guy that brushes shoulders and more with the elite of the modern world. 

And that’s exactly what Valentino does.

Why haven’t you heard of him already? Well that’s simple. Lorenz Valentino, being the genius at photoshop that Lorenz is, photoshops himself out of any photos of himself and the highest ranking members of society as to avoid causing them embarrassment (because of his casual dinosaur attire).

Fortunately for the 300 million users of Instagram, Lorenz likes to upload the originals to his page – so strap yourself in for a fuck-ton of pictures of Lorenz, his dinosaur costume, and the Kardashians, Jennifer Lawrence, and The Rock amongst many many more.

Welcome to the World of Lorenz Valentino.

That Kanye video? In it. 

Comment if you know who did this. Got slipped some roofies and found myself [email protected]#famous along [email protected][email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@amberrose @caitlynjenner and #billcosby still a virgin so won't be pressing charges #dinolicious #musicvideo #fame #stars #whobroughtmehere #nakedwithdino

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Deadpool? In it. 

Central Intelligence? In it.

Cover of Vogue? On it. 

Tattooing David Beckham? Done it. 

Picture of Bieber? In it. 

Taylor Swift? Plunged it. 

Kim Kardashian? Around it. 

Kim Jong-Un? Nuked it. 

Vanity Fair? In it. 

Wrecking ball? On it. 

And that’s just to name a few.

Thank God Lorenz takes himself out of these snaps – nobody would take these celebs serious with him in them.

What a guy.