This Is What A $53 Million Jet Looks Like

By : Alex Watt |


sexy jet 7Embraer

If you’ve ever wondered what a $53 million (£35m) private jet looks like on the inside, wonder no more. The answer is pretty fucking incredible!

According to Wonderful Engineering, the Embraer Lineage is one of the best luxury jets money can buy, with 800 sq ft of living space in which to chill out on those long haul flights for the businessman with more money than sense.

sexy jet 1Embraer

And, with news that British Prime Minister David Cameron is investing in a new £10 million private jet of his own (which is nice – after all of those cuts he’s made to the economy), we reckon he’ll be pretty jealous when he looks at this £35m equivalent.

Seriously, this thing is nicer than most houses we’ve seen!

For starters, check out the cockpit – which looks like something straight out of a futuristic gaming console.

sexy jet 2Embraer

Besides everything being kitted out in the best quality leather, silk and wool, the jet also comes equipped with a queen-sized bed, a 42-inch LED TV, the biggest shower available in the industry (which can actually be used at 41,000 feet), not to mention numerous luxurious couches to relax on when you’re cruising over the Atlantic.

sexy jet 3Embraer
sexy jet 4Embraer
sexy jet 5Embraer
sexy jet 6Embraer

Basically, the future of aviation looks incredible!


Wonderful Engineering