This Is What Happened When Women Stripped Off For Their First ‘Boudoir’ Shoot

By : Rebecca Knight |


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Imagine taking all your clothes off in front of a stranger.

Pretty scary right? Well imagine doing it in front of a camera as well, knowing it was going to be uploaded to YouTube.

That’s what three female journalists from Bustle did, and the results were amazing.

Anna, Kelsea and Marie are visibly nervous at the start – understandable given they’ve got strangers watching them get naked and strategically placing things on their bits.

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Anna said:

These pictures really capture a confident, sexy woman, but between takes you’ve got this girl like, not able to walk in heels, and stuttering, so it really shows you how images are just a millisecond of time.

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All the women claimed they enjoyed the experience, and said that they did it for themselves and their own confidence.