This New Charlie Hebdo Cartoon Is Pretty Out Of Order

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French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has once again sparked controversy after publishing a cartoon attempting to satirise the refugee crisis.

The cartoon imagines Alan Kurdi – the three-year-old Syrian child who died in the sea in September on the way to Europe – as an adult, committing a sexual assault. The caption suggests he would have become a ‘groper in Germany’.

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It follows the revelation that many sex attackers in Cologne on New Year’s Eve were refugees, including Syrians. Many have branded the cartoon as racist and said it was in incredibly bad taste.

The controversial cartoon comes a week after the anniversary of the shooting at the magazine, which killed 10 of its staff.

The publication has been widely condemned on social media, with Twitter users branding the image as ‘disgusting’ and ‘tasteless’, as well as going on to accuse them of racism and Islamophobia.

However, some argued for satire, under any circumstances.

This latest use of this image seems to be an attempt to satirise those who would blame all migrants and refugees in Germany for the actions of a few, some Twitter users suggested.

The attacks in Cologne have heightened existing tensions in Germany over the country’s open policy towards migrants and refugees.

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Their latest series of controversial cartoons has meant many are no longer showing their solidarity with the magazine after the attacks last January.


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